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About Colour

The russian painter Wassily Kandinsky is credited for saying, “Colour contains within itself a little studied but enormous power, which can influence the entire human body as a physical organism”. This has led me to specialise in colour theory and colour psychology, to know which colour to use when - to create a positive change, wellbeing and mental health. 

From the second we wake up, we are making colour choices. The cup we drink our morning coffee in, what clothes to wear, the back screen of our phone. It doesn’t matter if we’re at home, at work, shopping or crossing the road. We are constantly reacting to colour codes and making thousands of decisions based on colour every day, with around 80 percent of them being subconscious. 

Colours can change the way we feel about ourselves in an instant. Latest scientific research has shown us what a big impact it has on our daily life, and it is equally as important as eating healthy food, exercise and have a good sleeping pattern. Colour is often dismissed as something purely visual, decorative or pretty. But its significance is broader than what we imagine. It creates physiological changes within us. In psychological terms, it delivers the all-important emotional experience. 

We take in colour before anything else, which means we are already having an emotional connection before we have even taken in the shapes, the design or the words. This is important because creating the right emotional experience is what sells – whether that’s a product, a service, an experience or an ideal. 

As customers, we want to emotionally engage and connect with a brand. The simplest way a company can do this is by aligning its brand personality using the right colours to communicate a single unified message. When this doesn’t happen, we are left confused by the contradicting messages; we won’t believe them and will likely go elsewhere.

Every business is in the colour business. A lot of people think that if you like a colour, you have to go crazy for it – which is also one reason why they pull back from it. We don’t need all the colours around us all the time, but we can choose what we need, when we need it, to give us the support, focus or everyday joy we crave. Remember there is no such thing as a bad colour, It's more about choosing the right colour at the right time to send out the right message.

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